Stop waiting for things to be perfect

It can be easy to question if God is calling you to something when things get hard or you don’t feel like it is something you can do perfectly, but is that really the way to determine God’s will? Join me for a story about an incredible missionary who defied all odds and let’s talk about what we can learn from this amazing lady.

The Sin of being Comfortable

Can desiring comfort be sinful? How much rest is too much? What if we work hard, don’t we deserve to take time off? Today, I am answering all of these questions and talking about what it looks like to work with a heart that desires to serve the Lord, and not just doing what is easy.

Children are a blessing, and blessings can be heavy

I am editing the opening of this blog after having almost finished the entirety of the post, because I feel the need to add this paragraph in. An amazing thing happened this week as I decided that I was going to write a blog on this topic. Everything with my children seemed to go haywire.Continue reading “Children are a blessing, and blessings can be heavy”

Embracing my personality, and jumping back into the blogosphere

Hello, ladies! I am back and it feels strange to be behind the keyboard again. In many ways, I haven’t really left. I have just been keeping my posts to Facebook and Instagram rather than a dedicated blog. After having multiple people comment on how I ought to start a blog, I began to wonderContinue reading “Embracing my personality, and jumping back into the blogosphere”