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Stop waiting for things to be perfect

It can be easy to question if God is calling you to something when things get hard or you don’t feel like it is something you can do perfectly, but is that really the way to determine God’s will? Join me for a story about an incredible missionary who defied all odds and let’s talk about what we can learn from this amazing lady.


The Sin of being Comfortable

Can desiring comfort be sinful? How much rest is too much? What if we work hard, don’t we deserve to take time off? Today, I am answering all of these questions and talking about what it looks like to work with a heart that desires to serve the Lord, and not just doing what is easy.


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About Me

Hello there, sweet sisters! My name is Brittany Campbell and I live just north of Houston, TX. I am the wife to my best friend, a homeschooling momma to four amazing kiddos, but above all else, I am a follower of Christ. On my blog I strive to encourage women to pursue holiness in their roles as wives, mothers, homemakers, and children of God. I pray that this space will bless you and challenge you in practical ways and better equip you to fulfill the calling that God has placed on your life. Follow me on Instagram. I would love to connect with you!

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